Welcome to Double Rainbow Farm!

We are a small, rural, family run farm located in the heart of the beautiful White Mountains Region of New Hampshire.

We take pride in selling locally grown produce to friends, neighbors, and businesses of our community and beyond.

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What We Grow

We strive to grow the most delicious and nutritious vegetables, herbs, and flowers you can hope to find anywhere on earth! Our focus is on the market gardening of vegetables, edible flowers, microgreens, and more. We sell at farmers markets, stores, restaurants and intend to expand to include distributors and sales over the internet as well.



At Double Rainbow Farm we grow small vegetable crops. This gives us the advantage of being able to focus on the details that make a crop bountiful, healthy, and delicious. We can select with care the freshest vegetables to sell to our customers.



Our microgreens are the tastiest and most nutrient dense vegetables on the planet! We specialize in growing several varieties that will give your salad or entree an extra boost of flavor and appearance. All of our microgreens can be grown to order.


Edible Flowers

Add our fresh Edible Flowers to any salad or entree for an unusual splash of color and flavor. Our flowers are grown from sterilized seed and specifically harvested to be used as food. Your customers wont believe their eyes!

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Monday – Saturday 9am – 5pm

Sunday Closed


Address 2031 Eaton Road Center Conway, NH 03813

Phone (603) 307-9708

Email info@dblebows.com